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Are you looking for new content for next year’s course material?

Use this online teaching platform to take part in a national, youth-led conversation on human rights and inclusion! There are six modules for a total 13 days of learning that can be modified to accommodate different schedules.

Bonus: We have even included a culminating assignment that will allow your students to get creative and take action about what they have learned!

A teacher points to a student raising their hand in a classroom.

Get your students to start engaging in the world of human rights and inclusion! Download the teacher guidebook now to discover interactive lesson plans, assessment tools and helpful tips to support you to have meaningful conversations with your students about institutionalization and human rights.

A young woman wearing a backpack stands holding a book in a classroom full of students.

Ready to offer an interactive learning experience in your classroom? Find all the required student materials for the successful delivery of this unit here! We’ll help you keep everyone organized.